We put the F-U-N in FUNKY!

The Sweet Jersey Band is a blend of traditional blues, jazz, soul, and mainstream rock. A high energy rock guitarist sauteed and garnished by a vibey blues guitarist. A mix of superb musicianship that creates our unique sound. . The backbone of this sound is held down by a cohesive unit that effortlessly complements each other.  Together we have a common thread. A band that brings us enjoyment, and fun. We have dance segments that will get you shaking and grooving. We will immerse the audience with stage antics that pulls the crowd in while listening to hip, vibey rock & soul music.

 Don Rogers - Bass guitar and backing vocals

Bruce Corbin - Lead and Rhythm guitar / Harmonica and backing vocals 

Ron Mitchell - Lead and Rhythm guitar  and backing vocals

Holly Starr Lafalce - Percussion / Drums and backing vocals